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We have developed a successful and careful hiring process that has been valuable to the growth of our own accounting firm as well as corporate accounting departments in the past. We want to offer the same curated system to companies that are looking to enhance their accounting teams. With hands on expertise in the accounting field we are able to identify the specific accounting and finance needs of each company and build a profile of potential recruits that result in a successful, professional, and cultural match.

Our Successful Hiring Process

We have developed a detailed hiring process that focuses on providing an inclusive, thorough, and purposeful screening and interview.

  • Our goal is to match great accountants to great companies.
  • Taking the time to understand the culture, job description, and working environment of the client is the priority and basis for a successful search.
  • We have developed a successful recruiting and hiring process that is structured to fit any client.
  • Candidates are carefully selected from a large pool of resources and go through a detailed phone and in-person interview.
  • The client only interviews approved top talent candidates, saving them time and stress.

Positions We Fill

Below are the positions we are able to fill, but we understand each company is different and we are able to customize the search to company culture, specific needs and specific qualifications.

  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable Supervisor
  • Staff Accountant
  • Senior Staff Accountant
  • Accounting Manager
  • Controller
  • Director of Finance
  • Chief Financial Officer

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